Trade Delivery Questions & Answers

Oldfields Orchard Ciders are marketed and distributed by Hobsons Brewery.

Q. Who do I contact if I would like to sell Oldfields Orchard Cider?

A. Our sister company, Hobsons Brewery, is the main distributor for Oldfields Ciders. Your main contact is Alison Chadwick who is based at the brewery in Cleobury Mortimer on 01299 270837.

Q. Where do you deliver?

A. Hobsons vans deliver to a 50 mile radius of the brewery covering all of the West Midlands, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire as well as parts of Warwickshire and mid Wales. We can post orders by courier too.

Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. There is no minimum spend but we usually ask that you order four cases or 2 kegs or casks which can include beer and cider.

Q. How much is delivery?

A. Free if by Hobsons vans. If you are further afield we use a courier which does incur a delivery charge depending on the weight of the total order.

Q. How do I place my regular order?

A. The brewery will call you once a fortnight to see what you need. We deliver once a fortnight but it's often possible to arrange emergency deliveries in between if needed.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Cash on delivery for your first order. We have a credit account application form available if you wish to pay later by invoice.

Q. Do you export?

A. Export enquiries are very welcome. Please contact Nick Davies at Hobsons Brewery on 01299 270837 or email



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