Sales Support for Stockists

Let us help you promote Oldfields Cider

We're keen to help you tell your customers about Oldfields Orchard ciders. Alison Chadwick is the Cider Product Manager at Hobsons Brewery and is able to offer all sorts of support to retailers including:-

Tastings. We think it's important your customers get a chance to taste our ciders so spend a good part of the year travelling round with our cider tasting roadshow. Please let us know if you would like to recommend an event near you or if you would like to hold a cider tasting event yourself.

Our Story. The ciders are bottled under the Oldfields Orchard label. They are not known as 'Hobsons Cider' as they are made jointly by Hobsons Brewery and the team at Oldfields, but the logo shares the distinctive Hobsons hat indicating that we share the brewery's values. So it's part of our aim to get the Oldfields Orchard name, and what we stand for, recognised near you. We can give you 'shelf talkers' and posters that explain the provenance of the cider, we have leaflets too. If you need branded blackboards, tshirts, aprons, glassware, drip mats or have other ideas please let us know.

Staff Training. We offer staff training on all our ciders so you can tell your customers about them. We can offer training on Hobsons beers at the same time if you would like. We can come to you or you are very welcome to visit us at Oldfields or Hobsons Brewery Tasting Room.

Press and PR. We love taking photos of our customers, events, competitions, fundraisers and things we get up to. If you would like to use them for a press release or would like us to work together or write a press release we are delighted to help.

Online Support. We are now on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you have any good Oldfields Orchard Cider news, offers, competitions of other stories we love to tell others about them. Do 'like', 'follow' or 'pin' us too, it all helps.

If you have any more ideas for how we can support you, please get in touch with us by email or phoning Alison at Hobsons Brewery on 01299 270837.


We hope you enjoy Oldfields Orchard Cider, why keep it under your hat?

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